Best Food For Stomach Acidity

Best Food For Stomach Acidity

Best Food For Stomach AcidityDo you feel bloated in your chest after eating a lot of greasy foods, or drinking a quantity of alcohol and caffeine? It is not a good sign, but its not alarming. Where in the sum of the gut acid leaks into the esophagus this health problem is called heartburn. Your stomach is full of acid that helps break down food and provides protection to your GI tract. But stomach acid may become a cause of heartburn and several other ailments. For instance, frequent heartburn might lead to gastroesophageal disease which can be harmful for an esophagus and throat. To prevent these issues, reducing stomach acid is the way.

Avoid below mentioned foods that can boost stomach acid :-

The consumption of onion

Foods that are fried


Sour cream



Don’t consume liquor and high fat pastry, like doughnuts because they may also upset your condition. When you have an upset stomach, caffeinated beverages such as soft drink, tea and coffee must be avoided.

Stay away from fat meats such as : Bacon – Fried poultry – beef

Acid fruits such as! Oranges – Grapefruit – Lemons – Cranberries – Everything you eat has a fantastic impact on both mental and physical health.

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best food for stomach burningA diet is low in sodium cholesterol, saturate and Trans fats, and sugars that are added. According to studies, researchers urge an eating strategy to lowering heartburn and stomach acid. There are various low acid foods and drinks that may do wonders to alleviate your discomfort by controlling the gut acid. Therefore, add low acid foods and drinks to a daily diet and turn a body to heartburn free zone. Foods That Can Reduce Stomach Acid – Sure there are a lot of medications to help reduce stomach acid and curb heartburn. But changing your eating routine is equally important.

Try these foods which might help reduce stomach acid :-

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a perfect breakfast and Some Other time of day snack that is full of protein along with other minerals and low in fats. That’s why, it may absorb extra acids out of the body and keep you full of energy through the day.

Ginger – Based on a study, ginger is among the best foods that may reduce stomach acid and heartburn.

Banana – Consequently, it’s essential that you must consume it in moderation. If you are feeling the signs of heartburn, eat a nice mushy banana.

Therefore, include the honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon off a daily diet and stay away out of heartburn. This crunchy vegetable not only has a distinctive taste, but additionally offer some health benefit. Make a healthful salad by adding fennel and spinach. Low fat poultry, including poultry and turkey are great for all those that experience heartburn after eating foods that are fried.