Foods That Prevent Gas

Foods That Prevent Gas

Foods That Prevent GasProbably the most typical comments I get from people starting to incorporate more raw food in their diets is they’re gassy and bloated. This is extremely common when starting a raw food diet and might have a few diverse causes.

Inadequate food combination – The first cause are eating combined meals. There are numerous different food combining principles and in my experience a number of them may be disregarded. Nevertheless, there’s one rule that’s more essential than all the others. That’s – don’t combine fat and sugar. On a raw food diet, your primary source of carbohydrates will be fruits and your most important sources of fat include nuts, avocado, and seeds.

This essentially implies that you shouldn’t combine fruits with any of these sources of fat. It is because fruits digests much quicker than fat. Whilst the fruits is awaiting the fat to be digested it starts to ferment which causes gas. It could be broken even though this is the rule. All that said, if you are eating a normal American diet and incorporating more fruits in your diet it is ideal to eat them first thing in the morning prior to eating any other foods. Additionally, do after eating foods to ensure optimal digestion, no eat any fruits.

Consuming Too Many Difficult to Digest Veggies – Many vegetarianism like cabbage, broccoli, along with cauliflower, are known to cause gas along with bloating.

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best foods that prevent gasThese veggies are difficult for humans to digest and may cause excess gas when consumed in large amounts. On a 2000 calorie diet which would mean your fat consumption is limited to 1/2 of a large avocado, 1/4 c nuts or seeds, or 2 Tbsp nut or seed butter. Since fat is slow to digest it’s best to eat it last in order that it may be properly digested.

Previous Diet History – If you have decided to dive head primary in a raw food diet from a diet high in fatty and/or processed foods, some gas and bloating is almost unavoidable.

Even when you follow all food combining rules absolutely it may take a few days to a couple weeks for your gas and bloating to subside. It is because when ingesting a high fat dense diet digestion moves very slowly. When fresh vegetables and fruits come into your slow moving digestion they sit around for far too long and start to ferment and cause gas. Dr. Doug Graham states that, Initially, gas problems might arise from an impaired digestion tract, which holds foods in small pockets of the intestines, where they might ferment or putrefy and cause gas. Over time, this will stop, as the intestines heal.