Foods That Relieve Constipation

Foods That Relieve Constipation

Foods That Relieve ConstipationConstipation is among the common complaints for which an individual consults a doctor. Prevalent in elderly, children and women, it requires dietary modification or minimal or no treatment fiber supplements. Treatment of constipation starts with treatment with fiber and lifestyle adjustments. The food for constipation is and this includes whole grains and veggies, fruits, legumes. Based on Rome III standards, someone is believed to be constipated if two or greater of these exist for a minimum of three weeks with that the onset of symptom at least six months before the identification :-

Straining over 25% of the period during bowel movement

Difficult feces over 25% of the period

Incomplete evacuation over 25% of the period during bowel movements

Significantly less than 3 bowel movements a week

Sensation of Anorectal obstruction greater than 25% of bowel movements

Manual evacuations to alleviate over 25% of bowel movements

This definition gives standards for nausea

Constipation is constipation with no underlying cause. Constipation can also occur because of a range of causes, for example, structural abnormalities dietary fiber, medical conditions and drugs. This group of constipation is known as secondary constipation.

Treatment of constipation – If constipation would be due to secondary constipation that the underlying cause is treated or eliminated. The treatment of functional constipation is classified as follows these general step :-


Lifestyle adjustments

Psychological support

Increased fluid intake

Dietary changes and increased intake of fibers

Specific treatment

Fiber supplements

Osmotic laxatives

Stimulant laxatives

Stool softeners and emollients

Enema and suppositories

Prokinetic agents

Other forms of treatment

Defecation training

Anorectal biofeedback



In an individual complaining of constipation, secondary constipation has to be ruled out.

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foods to relieve constipation fastOnce it’s done, the person is believed to be having functional constipation. The treatment of functional constipation starts with some general measures that are mentioned above. Dietary changes with increased intake of as fiber and a greater intake are that the two things that are recommended in all patients as the initial step in the treatment of constipation.

Content of bowel and food movements – The foods for constipation is the one with higher as fiber material. The concept of lack of dietary as fiber contributing to constipation was put forward in the early 70s following a study has been done in rural Africans. Since that time, research has shown that increasing the intake of as fiber relieves constipation. Every gram of wheat as fiber ingested yields 2.7g of feces expelled. Dietary fiber appears to be efficient in relieving mild to moderate, but not severe constipation.