Immune System Boosting Foods

Immune System Boosting Foods

Immune System Boosting FoodsMushrooms are an amazing, and frequently overlooked, dietary essential. They improve the flavors of foods, and deliver lots of health benefits from decrease in tumor size, to controlling the immunity system, to adding needed minerals and vitamins into your diet. They’re reduced in calories, easy to prepare and flexible enough to enter almost any dish you can imagine. The biggest health concern many people have is with cancer. It is just when our resistance is low, our bodies are busy coping with some other threat, or the resistance system is so totally overwhelmed with the task of ruining toxins and fending off viruses which disease takes hold.

In case of cancer, left unattended, it’ll grow and spread until finally it is fully taken over and the body dies. A lot of people often have cold and flu viruses that cause a temporary illness, and some people, exposed to the exact same virus will not become sick. Many individuals have an out of control, over busy immunity system. These individuals end up with all allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chemical sensitivity or other auto immune disorders. The famous shiitake mushroom had a polysaccharide known as lentinan. Lentinan was isolated from the fungus and can be used as an anti cancer drug in Japan.

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Immune System Boosting best FoodsLentinan also boosts immunity system enabling it to fight off cold and influenza viruses, over come infection, and even boosts the immune profile of an individual with HIV. Other substances from the shiitake mushroom have been shown to lower blood cholesterol. Another compound in this Asian mushroom, L ergothioneine, can be an extremely strong anti oxidant. Shiitake contain selenium, iron, protein, fiber and vitamin C.

ABM – The ABM can be rich in minerals and fiber, and contains vitamins and amino acids. It will help diabetics control sugar, lowers cholesterol, reduces stress, prevents ulcers, and will help prevent osteoporosis. It also enhances immune function and is a strong anti tumor food, helping beat back cancer.

It fights off viruses, relieves inflammation, aids with all allergies, and is anti bacterial. Ling Zhi-8, a protein isolated in this fungi will help reduce risk of transplant rejection.

MAITAKE – Also known as Hen of the Woods, the maitake is another highly effective cancer inhibitor and tumor suppressant. It also lowers blood sugar in diabetics, and will help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure level. It’s anti bacteria properties and immunity system boosting which helps ward off infections.

CHAGA – As with most all the mushrooms, chaga helps modulate the immunity system. It also will help with detoxification, stimulates the nerve system, and boosts elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

OYSTER – The protein quality of your oyster mushroom is nearly that of animal protein, which makes it a great meat replacement for vegetarians. It includes fiber, vitamins B1 and 2, iron and minerals as well as being a potent anti oxidant.