Weight Loss: 7 Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Last Updated: September 26, 2023

Commonly Asked Questions By Most People Looking To Lose Weight

  • What should I eat for weight loss?
  • Which foods are good for weight loss?

This article talks about foods to help you lose weight and below is our summary on what foods are good for weight loss:

  • Eggs Good For Weight Loss
  • Dark Chocolate Is Good For Weight Loss
  • Vegetables For Weight Loss Diet
  • Is Chicken Good For Weight Loss?
  • Tuna Is Good For Weight Loss Because Of High Protein Content
  • Consumption Of Cottage Cheese Aids Weight Loss
  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar For Effective Weight Loss

Most prescribed and marketed ways of losing weight are not sustainable or are unhealthy. The best way to shred those extra pounds is to eat a balanced diet and stay active by exercising on a regular basis.

Losing weight quickly is not the way to go. The most recommended and healthy form of weight loss is the one which happens over a period. Ideally, losing 3-4 pounds in a month is the best way to lose weight.

Fast weight loss normally leads to fast weight gain as well, if the process to lose weight in first place is not sustainable. Bringing about changes to your lifestyle and sticking to those changes helps you with your weight loss, instead of following do it quick diets and meal replacement plans.

Tips To Lose Weight

Lowering your calorie intake and burning enough calories a day by working out can make your weight loss journey fruitful and sustainable for a long time. It also takes time to plan and execute lifestyle around best foods for losing weight.

Foods to help you lose weight are easily available at grocery stores near you and will not require a huge undertaking. However, just finding weight loss helping foods is not the solution. Sticking to your plan and long term commitment around healthy meals to lose weight is the only solution for achieving and sustaining weight loss. You can also use our calorie calculator to estimate your daily calorie intake.

Pro Tip To Lose Weight: Consume food that is high in protein, rich in good fats and complex carbohydrates.

Eggs: Foods That Help You Lose Weight
Eggs Improve Metabolism Which Helps In Weight Loss http://www.food-med.com

1. Eggs: Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Protein & Fats play a huge role in weight loss and egg is a source rich in protein and fats. As eggs are a rich source of fats, it is recommended to limit the intake to 1-2 whole eggs a day. People who work out regularly and are looking to maintain their weight rather than losing it, can have multiple egg whites. Having eggs for breakfast will make you feel full longer and that helps in avoiding snacks in between meal.

Dark Chocolates Can Also Help You Lose Weight
Dark Chocolate Can Also Help You Lose Weight http://www.food-med.com

2. Dark Chocolate Can Also Help You Lose Weight

Chocolate is the food of the gods and part of our delicious foods list. Including dark chocolates in your lifestyle certainly has benefits. It reduces bad cholesterol and improves blood flow and consuming limited quantity, boosts metabolism too. Recommended intake for dark chocolate is about an ounce per day. Chocolate has flavonoids which are a type of phytochemical found in the cacao bean. Dark chocolate contains high amount of cocoa when compared to milk or white chocolate and typically lower amounts of sugar. 75% – 85% Dark Cocoa chocolates is a normal recommendation for regular consumption.

3. Vegetables For Weight Loss Diet

Vegetables have high fiber and protein content in them which helps in weight loss. They not only have fiber and protein, but also have lower calories which makes them the best foods to include in your diet. Having vegetables, preferably leafy greens and cruciferous makes you feel full, but does not add extra calories to your diet. You do not have to worry about the portion size, you can increase the portion size of vegetables on your plate. They can be had as a salad or plain sautéed. Leafy vegetables are very nutritious and have many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including calcium, which aids in fat burning. 

4. Does Chicken Help You Lose Weight?

Chicken is lean meat, which means it has high protein and low fat. Having a high-protein diet can help you trim 80-100 calories per day. Increasing your protein intake can also help you cut down on your snack cravings throughout the day. Protein makes you feel full and aids in weight loss. It is good to eat antibiotics free, local farm grown chicken over processed one.

Tuna Is Good For Weight Loss Because Of High Protein Content
Tuna Is A Low Calorie And High Protein Food That Aids Weight Loss http://www.food-med.com

5. Tuna Is Good For Weight Loss Because of High Protein Content

Tuna is lean fish and has very high protein content in it. If you are looking to cut down on your calories, tuna is the go-to food option for you. There are different types of tuna available in the market. However, it is always better to opt for low mercury content tuna, as it is the healthiest option. Tuna canned in water is preferab over oil for a low-calorie intake diet option.

6. Consumption Of Cottage Cheese Aids Weight Loss

If you are a dairy lover and looking to lose weight, one of the best foods to eat is cottage cheese. It has highest amount of protein when compared to other dairy products and is low on calorie count. Cottage cheese can be satiating and should be included in your diet. Dairy products are also rich in calcium.

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar For Effective Weight Loss
Apple Cider Vinegar Can Be Useful In Weight Loss http://www.food-med.com

7. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar For Effective Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar is commonly used by the people who look for natural ways to maintain their health. Several studies have proved that apple cider vinegar can be helpful in weight loss. Replacing a high carb meal with vinegar makes you feel full and helps consume about 25-270 calories less. Having 15-30 ml of vinegar a day helps reduce 2.6-3.7 pounds, according to a study done on obese individuals.

Apple cider vinegar is usually consumed as a condiment in salads and vinaigrettes. Some people also mix it with warm water and consume it on an empty stomach to maximize its benefits.

Food For Thought

While maintaining or having a sustainable diet is the primary requirement for a quick weight loss, having a workout routine is also necessary. Most people only exercise without a diet around weight loss helping foods, which gives them nil results. A combination of diet around foods that help lose weight and exercise, supports weight loss in a healthy way.

While working out in the gym helps you with your physical well-being, yoga works on your physical as well as mental well-being. Practicing yoga daily works wonders for your body and helps you stay active and focused throughout the day. It also helps your skin glow while toning the skin and not allowing it to get loose after a significant weight loss.

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