Natural Herbal Hair Supplement for Fuller & Thicker Hair


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90 capsules (1 month supply). Suitable for adults, male and female. For best results, take 3 capsules a day for 3-6 months to:

  • Boost hair growth
  • Grow fuller, thicker hair
  • Stop hair loss
  • Restore graying hair

Made in Hong Kong. Ships from California, USA. 

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Turn ON Your Natural Hair Growth Abilities

60% more hair hair growth in 42 days:

  • Boost hair growth cycle by stimulating static hair follicles to grow again, reducing the period from Talogen phase to Anagen phase.
  • Improve blood circulation to improve the nutrition supply your hair follicles. 
  • Improves your scalp condition by regulates your internal health with anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and anti-hyperlipidamic properties. 

FOR BEST RESULTS, take Vita Hair continuously for 3-6 months.

Restore Hair Health and Stops Hair Loss
  • Restore graying hair to its original color by stimulating cells that produce pigmentation. 
  • Stop hair loss by reducing the levels of 5-alpha reductase, preventing conversion of testosterone into more potent DHT. 
  • Restore hair health and thickness by regulating various chemicals and protein, such as FGF-7 and FGF-5, of your body. 
100% All-Natural Herbal Ingredients

Fits Perfectly With Your Lifestyle
  • Take it Anytime, Anywhere, with Anything. Just take 3 capsules at once at anytime. Take it hiking or traveling as it withstands temperature fluctuations. Take it with coffee, alcohol or even on an empty stomach. 
  • No Serum, Foam, or Any Other Boosters. All you need is 3 capsules a day. No extra attention is needed to attend to your hair.
  • Absolutely No Side Effects. Keep your drive. Keep your health. Keep all the habits you enjoy

Additional information

Weight 0.21 lbs
Dimensions 4.06 × 2.28 × 5.34 in
Ideal for:

– Thinning Hair
– Graying Hair
– Hair Loss

Unit Count

90 Capsules


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Proven by Science

60% More Hair Growth

Clinical studies have shown 60% more hair growth in 42 days when compared with control group.

Source: Chen, Wen. Vita Hair Research Report on Effects of Hair Growth. Sun Yat Sen University. (Aug. 2009)

How Vita Hair’s Key Ingredients Work – Proven by Science

DHT Blocker to Prevent BaldnessRed reishi mushroom was found to inhibit testosterone that produces DHT. It significantly reduce levels of 5-alpha reductase, preventing conversion of testosterone into the more potent DHT.

Source: Grant, Paul and Ramasamy, Shamin. An Update on Plant Derived Anti-Androgens. Int J Endocrinol Metab. 2012 Spring; 10(2): 497-502. 

“Significant” and “Dramatic” Improvement in Hair Thickness – After six months of using Fo-ti, 97% of pre and postmenopausal women saw a significant improvement in hair loss, and 77% reported “significant” and “dramatic” improvement in hair thickness. In another study, 91% of men and 87% of women reported improvement in hair loss and had no side effects.

Source: Blum, J. M. “Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placewbo-Controlled Clinical Trial to Test the Efficacy and Short-Term Safety in Women of NeHair.” Glastonbury, Conn, USA: Marshall-Blim, Biotech Corporation (2002).

Improves Nutrition Supply to Hair Follicles Fructus Ligustri Lucidi was found to replenish the liver and kidneys and grow new hair in its original color. Kidney is an essential source of healthy hair– which supports healthy hair and nails.

Source: Pang et. all. “The Advances in Research on the Pharmacological Effects of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi. School of Pharmacy, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Volume 2015. (Mar. 2015)

Promote Scalp Health with Harmless Anti-Hair Loss SubstanceHerba Exlipatae (Eclipta Prostrata) promotes the induction of anagen, sustains the anagen phase through regulation of FGF-7 and FGF-5, suggesting that it has anti- inflammatory, antioxidative, and anti-hyperlipidaemic properties. According to research, Eclipta Prostrata is a harmless anti-hair loss substance and scalp condition enhancerand it is regarded to have a significant potential as a cosmetic with an anti-hair loss function.

Source: Lee, Chang-Seok, Kang, Kim & Kim. A Study on the Effect of Eclipta Prostrata Extract and MTS on the Improvement of Scalp Health and Prevention of Hair Loss for Workers in Their 20s and 30s. Eulji University, Seongnam 13135, Korea. (2020)

Promote Hair Growth and Treat Hair LossAngelica sinensis was reported to promote hair growth when studying the hair growth effect and the mechanism of Angelica sinensis related to keratinocyte apoptosis-regression during catagen. It was found that Angelica sinensis played a role as an alternative treatment for hair loss that acts through hair cycle pathways associated with apoptosis regression during catagen.

Source: Kim et. All. Angelica sinensis Induces Hair Regrowth via the Inhibition of Apoptosis Signaling. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine. Vol. 42, No. 03, pp. 1021-1034 (2014).