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Ashwagandha Benefits and Side Effects

Ashwagandha which is profoundly known as the winter cherry or Indian Ginseng is a medicinal plant that is greatly used in Ayurveda. Its scientific name is “Withania somnifera” and it belongs to the kingdom of Plantae. It is also taken in the form of a dietary supplement in many countries due to its many benefits.[...]
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Reishi Mushrooms For Depression? Helpful Or Not?

About 280 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with depression so far.1 Isn’t it disappointing? But we shouldn’t lose hope yet. Since it is 2022, we have the advent of advanced science on our side with various research into novel treatment options. With that said, this article will give you a complete guide to handling[...]
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5 Foods To Fight Depression

Do you suffer from depression? Or do you know someone who does? In this day and age, it is quite common to find people suffering with depression. It is a mental health disorder that can be caused by a deep sense of personal or professional loss/failure that may induce stress on the individuals’ brain’s functionality.[...]
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