7 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain

Last Updated: September 26, 2023

Weight gain is a common problem that we all face and this article would like to discuss effective ways to prevent weight gain in day to day life and also due to holidays, vacations, weddings, date nights, family gatherings and so on.

This article summarizes the findings as 7 effective tips to avoid weight gain lead a healthy lefestyle.

Plan Your Diet And Workout

1. Plan Your Diet And Workout

Having a plan is the key to stay in shape and avoid weight gain. Any diet has to be pre planned and you must be prepared to make it fall in place. You cannot just jump into a diet. Having a plan on how and when to start your diet helps you sustain it for a long time. Many people decide to follow a diet and implement it all at once. The best way to get into a diet is to go step by step. Same is the case with workout. You need to plan your workout for the day as well as for the week and start with a moderate intensity workout and then level up to a high intensity workout once your body gets used to it.

2. Find Ways To Stay Motivated For Regular Workout

It is important to stay motivated when it comes to workout. Having a partner who is equally interested in workout can help. Research shows that people who have a workout buddy are less likely to miss a workout session. Following a routine helps you stay in shape. While this idea works well for long term workouts, this can also help during the holiday season as you can find a workout buddy even if you are on a vacation. It can be a motivating factor for you and your new workout partner.

Staying Hydrated Is As Important As Eating Healthy

3. Staying Hydrated Is As Important As Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is important to stay in shape, but the cherry on the cake is keeping yourself hydrated. The more water your drink, the more it flushes out the extra salts that you consume in your thanksgiving dinner. It is always recommended to have water throughout the day, but it is even better if you have some water before your meal. Having water right before eating makes you feel full and eventually you end up eating less. Water is the best way to hydrate yourself, but adding coconut water or some natural juices can also help.

4. Slow Down And Skip The Seconds

Do not try to measure your eating capacity during the thanksgiving dinner. Serve yourself small portions, that way you can taste all the food that is on the table. Having smaller portions also helps you enjoy the dessert. Eating slowly and avoiding second serving is the best way to taste all the dishes available and at the same time not putting on much weight. Do not stuff your stomach, eat enough only to satisfy your cravings.

5. Go Out For A Short Walk Post Dinner

Everybody needs some kind of movement to burn calories. Being seated or sleeping immediately after dinner is a bad idea. It is always recommended to go out for a walk or a bike ride to burn some extra calories that you consume during your thanksgiving dinner. Most people do not prefer going out for a walk after dinner and instead stay in to watch television or browse on their mobile phones. A brisk walk post dinner not only helps in burning those extra calories but also helps in improving blood sugar levels.

Go Easy On Beverages

6. Go Easy On Beverages

Having healthy food on your plate is not the only way to keep your weight in check. Overdoing beverages can also increase the reading on your weighing scale. Flavored soda or mocktails have empty calories and added sugars that can be a cause of concern. Limiting alcoholic drinks like wine or beer to a glass or two is the best way to cut down on your calories. Being sober always helps you have a good time with your family and friends. Also, having a glass of water in between your drinks is a good practice to stay hydrated and limit the consumption of alcohol.

7. Take A Mid-Day Nap

A well-rested body has more energy and can burn more calories. A nap is as important as your work out. If you are stressed out, you tend to eat more and hence gain more weight. This Thanksgiving, make sure you take ample rest so that you can enjoy the festivities more. Fun fact: You cannot eat while you are asleep, so you don’t end up eating extra during the day which adds on more weight. Taking a nap on Thanksgiving Day doesn’t make you anti-social. A 30 min nap is good enough to refresh you.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a cheerful and healthy Holiday Season. The idea of this article is not to stop you from enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, but to make sure you enjoy it without regretting about your weight gain later. We want you to stay healthy and at the same time enjoy your dinner to the fullest.


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