Omnia Tantawy, M.Sc. Medical & Pharm Biotech


M.Sc. in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, The University for Science and Technology


Clinical data analysis, scientific journal writing, medical research

Omnia is a Medical Writer and Researcher with an academic medical background and a passion for science and writing. Omnia possess M.Sc. in Medical & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology majoring in Clinical & Molecular Cancer Diagnostics. Her previous experience includes collaboration on publications, leading research projects, medical campaigns, creating content, and teaching in both medical and writing fields.

  • Experienced in analyzing clinical study data
  • Enjoys reading and reiterating medical breakthroughs
  • Passionate in medical research and writing


Omnia I. Tantawi is an Egyptian Medical Research Scholar and Assistant Lecturer in Biotechnological Sciences. Currently, she works as a Senior Medical Writer in one of the largest digital healthcare companies with the sole goal of spreading the latest breakthroughs in medicine.

Having an academic medical background, ability to adapt to different audiences, and passion for research and creation, she takes even the most mundane topics and turns them into a must-read. Her unparalleled writing style brings readers back for more.

Omnia I. Tantawi has publications and has been on several research projects, whether medical or public health-related.


M.Sc. in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from The University for Science and Technology, specializing in Molecular Oncology.

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